5 Regular Maintenance Tips for Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Owning a Mercedes Benz can give you a tough time, there are issues that blow out unexpectedly. Every automobile owner never wants to take down their asset for part repairs. Maintenance of a machine is important to elevate the life span and to avoid sudden breakdown.

Here we will cover five daily maintenance rituals to avoid any unexpected downfalls and to keep your Mercedes in great shape. For any assistance with genuine spare parts for this Mercedes car, you can check out

5 Regular Maintenance Tips for Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Ease the Engine

The engine functions as the heart of the car. It enhances the overall performance of the car. So, keeping it in good condition is a must. Here are a few things to look out for enhancing the engine’s efficiency

  • Oiling is one of the most important rituals to avoid potential engine-related issues.
  • Always check the oil requirements by using a dipstick and add oil as per need.
  • You need to change both the oil and oil filter as soon as your car reaches 10,000 kilometers.
  • Check the color of the oil, the oil should have an amber tint but if it is black change it immediately.
  • Ensure your car has coolant, always check the level and change it when needed
  • Rinse out the radiator.
  • The transmission should preferably be changed between 1,00,000kilometers.
Retain the quality of your tyres

Tires need to be kept in an outstanding condition to lower the chance of a clash. Keep your tires inflated according to the lessors manual. Underinflated tires lead the chance of a crash by three times and impede fuel consumption.

Always check tires’ pressure with a gauge before riding out. Every part of your car needs to be changed after a certain amount of time so do your tires. Check the alignment to avoid jagged treads.

Tire pressure should be checked properly.  Place the gauge perfectly over the valve stem and make sure it is placed in the center. Look out for the perfect pressure on your owner’s handbook and add more if required. Do not overdo else it will lead to tire wear.

Look after the brakes

Brake is a very integral part of automobiles. Without brakes, one cannot handle the machine. So, it is necessary to replace your brakes every 30,000-35,000 kilometers. If you tend to drive your Mercedes more on the highway than avenues, you will need to replace your brakes more often.

Always make sure to check the situation of your brakes before driving. While driving if you witness squeaky or grinding sound, make sure to take your Benz for servicing.

Clean your car regularly

Dirt, contaminants, and dust particles can hamper your car’s look and efficiency. Dust particles can make a way to the engine and can clog air filters and oil filters directing to breakdown. Make sure to vacuum the interiors and wash the exteriors quite often. Abiding in snowfall-prone regions need extra care. It is simply because of the extra salt accumulating in the body will lead to corrosion.

Make sure to get rid of debris, gravel, and dust particles from the interiors as this can start damaging the inner linings and hamper the look.

To avoid dull and gloomy appearance wash your car often and coat it with wax. Make sure to keep your Benz in shade to save it from UV rays.

5 Regular Maintenance Tips for Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Examine the drive belt

Drive belts are a crucial part of the Mercedes engine. It brings out the leverage by switching from the crankshaft to the water pump, air conditioning compressor, alternator, and steering pump.

You need to change serpentine belts generally after visually checking them or every 50,000 kilometers

Changing drive belts will save you from extra repairs and will also cut down maintenance costing. Change the pulleys if they are loose and noisy. Also, make sure to place the drive belts in the right position.

Additional Tip

For keeping the performance of your Mercedes high all you need to do is to examine your car more often. Always maintain the quality standards and check twice before refilling fluids or brakes or tires. Also, trust your instincts while driving if you find some sound or the performance out of the box make sure to get your car checked by a professional.

Take your Mercedes to wash stations for better cleaning. It is not possible to have all the equipment and skills to clean the car inside out. So, seeking professional help is a great idea.

If you smell something fishy from the air climate control or engine, it is an indication of something unusual going on in the core of your car. Look out for help and make sure to repair it as soon as possible.

By following these maintenance routines your Mercedes will stay as good as new. Always follow the owner’s manual for extra assistance and make sure to send your Mercedes for replacing the autopart, check out Boodmo.com.

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